Welcome back

It's great to see you again. Find out where and how we are open. Remember, you need a COVID-19 passport to visit us.

Café guests, The Black Diamond

Laura Stamer

Updated 22 April 2021 at 9.42 am. Will be updated continuously.

Welcome to the library. Finally, we are open again and we look forward to seeing you. We still need to take care of each other, however, which means there are some precautions we need to comply with.

You are required to wear a face mask or face visor when visiting the library, and as we still need to keep our distance to each other, there will be fewer seats in our reading rooms and in our study facilities than we had before the pandemic. You may remember that from when we were open during the autumn, but as something new, you must also have a valid COVID-19 passport when you visit the library.

We are opening for reading rooms (including the Research reading room), study facilities (study seats, copy/print etcetera), assistance, pick-up and returns at most of our addresses, as well as the exhibition in The Black Diamond, Copenhagen.

Notice the signage in our buildings and follow the staff's instructions.

Remember to have your COVID-19 passport ready

You will need a COVID-19 passport to gain access to our buildings. To avoid queues, we recommend that you have your passport and ID ready at the entrance. It may be a good idea to take a screenshot of your documentation (for example, corona test, COVID-19 passport) or print it out.

What about the COVID-19 passport?

You will need a COVID-19 passport to access our buildings. More specifically, it means that:

  • Users from the age of 15 must bring documentation of a negative COVID-19 test which is no more than 72 hours old. The documentation for either a negative antigen test (also known as a rapid test) or a negative PCR test (inoculation in the throat) must include name, test time and test result. We encourage you to have the test result ready, either printed out or as a screenshot on your mobile.
  • Users who have been fully vaccinated (minimum 14 days since the last shot) do not need to present a negative test.
  • If you have been infected with COVID-19, there is no requirement to present a negative test. In this case, documentation of a positive COVID-19 test, which has been performed at least 14 days and at most 180 days before you visit us, must be presented.
  • In connection with the presentation of COVID-19 passport / documentation for a negative test, users from the age of 15 must present valid ID. It can be a driver's license, health card, passport or other publicly issued ID.

We hope for your understanding and cooperation in our control of your COVID-19 passport. You can read more about the COVID-19 passport at coronasmitte.dk

Exhibitions and events

From 21 April, you can experience the critically acclaimed Nick Cave exhibition "Stranger Than Kindness" in The Black Diamond in Copenhagen (remember that you must buy a ticket in advance), and from 18 May we will also begin our cultural events again. We are very much looking forward to that.

Remember that the rules about COVID-19 passports and face mask / face shield also apply in our exhibition and at our events.

What buildings are open?

You can always find out where and when we are open at opening hours, but here is a list of the buildings we have opened as part of the 2021 reopening.

The Black Diamond, Copenhagen
Including The Administrative Library
Opening hours
Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus Opening hours
The Danish National Art Library, Nyhavn and Study Room Søborg Opening hours
Newspaper reading room, Skejby Opening hours
The Faculty Library of Social Sciences Opening hours
Copenhagen University Library Frederiksberg Opening hours
Copenhagen University Library North Opening hours
Copenhagen University Library Sdr. Campus Opening hours
Other Copenhagen University Library addresses
Open but only to students and researchers
at the University of Copenhagen
Opening hours
AU Library
All our libraries in connection with Aarhus University are open
Opening hours

Café and cafeterias

Our café in The Black Diamond in Copenhagen is open and you can buy to-go food and drink which you can take with you and enjoy outside. On sunny days there will be a pop-up café on the quay.

Our cafeterias are not open to the public.

How to help

  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection.
  • Pay attention to your hand hygiene - wash or disinfect hands.
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve.
  • Limit physical contact.