NKS 56 2°: Ovidius, Metamorphoses (fragm.)





NKS 56 2°: Ovidius, Metamorphoses (fragm.)

Parchment, 8 ff., 32,5 x 23,5 cm; Germany, 1050-1100

The manuscript consists of a single quaternion, numbered ”.VII.” on f. 8v. The manuscript once belonged to the cathedral library of Speyer. In the 17th century other parts of the manuscript were still known, but only our fragment has survived. It contains the text of Ovids Metamorphoses IX.324-X.707

At various intersections Ovid’s verses are preceded by the Narrationes fabularum Ovidianarum ascribed to Lactantius Placidus (for the narrationes contained in our manuscript, cf. p. 681-689 in Magnus' edition). These passages are often marked by an initial letter, and can be discerned on the pages as prose text. All verses are written with an initial letter, slightly separated from the rest of the line. The first six lines of the fragment is the end of a narratio ahead of IX.324. Other narrationes follow on f. 1v before IX.400 & IX.418; 3r before IX.666; 4r before X.1; 4v before X.72, before X.86 & before X.106; 5r before X.144 & before X.162; 5v before X.220, before X.238 & before X.243; 6r before X.298; 7v before X.503 & before X.560; and f. 8v before X.705

The manuscript is worn, on parts of a few pages almost illegible. In order to improve its legibility, it is presented here in three versions, one small that makes it possible to see the pages in toto, another larger, and a third one of extra large size images that allows the reader to get quite close to details in the script and other phenomena

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Erik Petersen