GKS 2035 4°: Alanus ab Insulis, Anticlaudianus





GKS 2035 4°: Alanus ab Insulis, Anticlaudianus

Parchment, 48 ff., c. 19 × 13 cm; 12th century

The manuscript contains Alanus ab Insulis, Anticlaudianus, lib. I-IX, with glosses. The Prologus, in prose, has been copied on f. 48r-48v, following the nine main parts of the work written in hexameters

The medieval history of the manuscript is not known. In the sixteenth century it may have been presented as a gift to Janus Kotteritius (cf. "Jano Kotteritio" on pastedown). Later it belonged to the library of Gottorp Castle in Schleswig, the manuscripts of which were transferred to Copenhagen in 1735. - A fragment of a liturgical manuscript was used for binding at an unknown date

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Erik Petersen