GKS 3542 8°: Cicero, De senectute





GKS 3542 8°: Cicero, De senectute

Parchment, 15 ff., ca. 15,5 × 9 cm; Germany (?), c. 1200

The book contains a copy of Marcus Tullius Cicero’s treatise Cato maior de senectute, written in 44 BC and dedicated to his friend Atticus

An able, but not verbose glossator points out that a quotation copied as prose is, in fact, composed as verses (f. 2v). On the same page he reveals his own as well as the book’s German background in the gloss ”auspicium est heil”. That the book was used in an educational context is attested by the declension of the noun vis in the lower margin of f. 6r

Bibl.: Ellen Jørgensen, Catalogus codicum Latinorum medii ævi Bibliothecæ Regiæ Hafniensis, Hafniæ 1926, p. 298 ("sæc. XIII")

Erik Petersen