Anonymous: Ulenspieghel (Antwerp: Michiel van Hoochstraten)





Anonymous: Ulenspieghel (Antwerp: Michiel van Hoochstraten)


Till Ulenspieghel is the hero of a late medieval popular book which was published in numerous editions in German, Flemish, French, English, Polish, Latin, Danish, etc. during the 16th century (and also later). Ulenspieghel is a trickster whose jests and practical jokes form the subject of the narrative. We follow his life from birth to death.

This is the first known Flemish edition, printed by Michiel Hillen van Hoochstraten in Antwerp. Only this copy has been preserved (shelfmark: 77 II,-233 4to). The year of printing is disputed. The edition was previously dated 1512 or 1519, but nowadays it is considered more likely to belong to the period between 1525 and 1546. The edition is richly illustrated with wood-cuts, which are also known from the oldest preserved Ulenspieghel-editions, printed, in German, by Johann Grüninger in Strassbourg in 1515 and 1519 (fragments of an earlier Strassbourg-edition are also known).

The story of Till Uglspil, as he is often called in Danish, was apparently soon translated into Danish, but no 16th century edition has survived.

Leaves C2 and C3 are missing

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