GKS 1907 4°: Publilius Syrus, Sententiae ("Liber proverbiorum Senecae")





GKS 1907 4°: Publilius Syrus, Sententiae ("Liber proverbiorum Senecae")

Pergament, 10 ff. [IV + 2], ca. 19,5 × 13,5 cm; saec. XV: 1417

The manuscript contains the Sentences of Publilius Syrus in the form known as the "Seneca-collection" (Σ)

The sentences are arranged in alphabetical order. The beginnings of new letters are marked by initials, from A (f. 1r: "Alienum est omne quicquid optando uenit ...") to V (f. 7r, the last sentence with V on f. 7v: "Virtutem cuius progressum videris, non exitum finemque differes"). In GKS 1907 4° the letter V is followed by a new section marked by the inital C. The first two sentences in this are, in fact, the last two sentences of the collection. They both begin with Z, in the manuscript faultily rendered C ("Celum" for "Zelum" and "Celare" for "Zelari"). The two lines are followed, without break, by sentences from the Dialogues of Seneca ("non quid sed quemadmodum ferras [!] interest" (De Prouidentia 2.4) ... "Modica enim uoluntas [!] laxat animos et temperat" (De Ira II.20.3))

The anonymous scribe dates the completion of his work in the colophon on f. 10r: "finit hic liber prouerbiorum senece et similiter totum uolumen quod expleui hora xvi diei ueneris de mense aprilis die 2a 1417, adiutorio omnipotentis dei cui gratias ago". The wording indicates that GKS 1907 4° was once part of a major volume

The manuscript was acquired by the Royal Library in 1732. Before it had belonged to the following documented owners in Denmark: Thomas Bartholin (1659-1690) [cf. f. 1r], Andreas Bussaeus (1679-1735) [cf. note by Rostgaard in ms. NKS 275c 8°, quoted by Jørgensen], Frederik Rostgaard (1671-1745) [cf. f. 1r], Christian Danneskiold-Samsøe (1702-1728). – The manuscript got its present binding during the reign of king Christian VIII (1839-1848)

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Erik Petersen