GKS 2025 4°: Arnulfus Aurelianensis, Glosule super Lucanum





GKS 2025 4°: Arnulfus Aurelianensis, Glosule super Lucanum

Parchment, 40 ff., c. 26,5 × 19 cm; France ?, 1200-1250

The commentary is introduced by an accessus ("(P)rius querendum de quolibet ... aspidibus uitam finuiuit. Modo exponenda litera"), followed in the second column of f. 1r by the commentaries to all ten books of Pharsalia. Space has been left open in the compact script for initials at the beginning of each book, but has only been disposed of at the beginning of liber VII on f. 27v and liber VIII on f. 30v, in both cases with initials colored in red. The initial I at the beginning of liber VIII exceeds the allotted space with several lines and has been placed in the margin. The scribe does not reveal his name nor his place of origin

The manuscript was acquired by the Royal Library at the auction of the Chapter Library of Hamburg in 1784. It was rebound during the reign of King Christian VIII (1839-1848)

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Erik Petersen