NKS 119 8°: Cicero, De inventione (fragm.)





NKS 119 8°: Cicero, De inventione (fragm.)

Parchment, 6 ff., c. 21 x 13,5 cm; Italy, 1150-1200

The fragment contains the text of De Inventione I.44.82-55.107: "/// fuisse id iudicatum ... omnia ante oculos ///", with marginal and interlinear glosses and textual additions

The fragment was once the three inner bifolia of a quire. A textual irregularity in the sequence from f. 3v to 4r has not been caused by a lacuna

Line counters (in Arabic numbers) have been added to the left or the right of the text. There are running titles (in abbreviated form) on top of the pages, Primus Liber on recto pages, and Prime Rhetorice on verso pages. Prima Rhetorica is a medieval title of Cicero’s De Inventione

The fragment was bequeathed to the Royal Library in 1824 together with other manuscripts collected by D. G. Moldenhawer

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Erik Petersen