GKS 495 2°: Livius, Ab urbe condita, XXI-XXX





GKS 495 2°: Livius, Ab urbe condita, XXI-XXX

Parchment, 124 ff., c. 33,5 × 23 cm; Italy, saec. XV

The codex consists of 12 quinions followed by two bifolia. Space has been left open for initials and rubrics

MS GKS 495 2° contains Livy’s third decade. It was copied in Italy in the 1400s. It came to Denmark with the philologist and book collector Frederik Rostgaard (1671-1745), who purchased it in Venice in 1699 (cf. ownership notice on f. A verso). In 1726 it was acquired by Christian Danneskiold-Samsøe, after whose death it was bought by the Royal Library in 1732

In 1734 a collation of the manuscript was sent to Arnold Drakenborch who quoted it as codex Hafniensis in his edition of Livy (Leiden & Amsterdam 1738-46). With reference to Drakenborch’s edition readings from the manuscript were also quoted in a couple of instances in the edition by Walters & Conway (vol. III, libri XXI-XXV, Oxford 1929 & later)

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Erik Petersen