Fragm. 2875: Biblia, Tobias & Iudith





Fragm. 2875: Biblia, Tobias & Iudith

[olim kps. 19b (Acc. 1957/140)]

Parchment, 2 ff. (1 bifolium), c. 34,5 × 21,5 cm; Italy, saec. XI

Biblia Latina

f. 1: Tobias 2.15-4.22 ("///bant vitam eius dicentes … et recipies ab eo")

f. 2: Iudith 5.8-6.19 ("deserentes itaque ceremonias … ozias finito consilio suscepit")

The shelf mark has been written on f. 2r

The history of the fragment before the 20th century is not known. An unidentified owner’s note is found on f. 1: "Kamp Schiöth 1923". - The fragment was bought by the Royal Library from E. Gaardsted, Tønder (DK), in March 1958

Bibl.: E. A. Lowe, The Beneventan Script. A History of the South Italian Minuscule. Second Edition prepared and enlarged by Virginia Brown, vol. II, Hand List of Beneventan Mss., Roma 1980, p. 35. - Iter Liturgicum Italicum, a cura di Giacomo Baroffio, Padova 1999, p. 97

Erik Petersen