NKS 3250 4°: Iustinus, Epitoma (fragm.)





NKS 3250 4°: Iustinus, Epitoma (fragm.)

Parchment, 5 fragments of 3 ff., ca. 25 × 19 cm (3a+3b); saec. XI

The fragments are numbered 1a, 1b, 2, 3a, 3b. Pieces 1a & 1b and 3a & 3b are the upper and lower parts of 2 separate folios; 2 is the lower part of a third folio. Put together the 5 pieces thus form 2 whole and 1 half folios. The text on f. 1 has been cut in the inner edge; f. 3 is intact. The 3 folios were not part of the same quire

The fragments contain the following passages from M. Iunianus Iustinus’ Epitoma historiarum Philippicarum Pompei Trogi:

1a+1b: II.3.12 – II.4.30, "/// <u>ltroque predę ... vincuntur receptaculum"

2 recto: XLII.4.16-5.6, "statueretur. Itaque statim ... constituerant. Qui"

2 verso: XLII.5.11-XLIII.1.2, "/// <recolle>cti signaque cum his militaria ... originem urbis"

3a+3b: XX.3.1 – XX.5.8, "mittunt victorię ... dissensiones fuere. Quarum"

The 5 pieces were used as covers of accounts from 1608-1611 in the Danish National Archives. When Heiberg published his article on the fragments, only the 3 pieces of f. 1 and 2 were known. At an unknown date after 1877-78 the fragments were transferred to the Royal Library’s collection of medieval fragments. In 1930 they were included in the New Royal Collection (NKS) as an individual manuscript

The fragments are shown in two sequences, as folios and and as single pieces

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Erik Petersen