E don. var. 52 2º: the “Næstved Calendar”





E don. var. 52 2º: the “Næstved Calendar”

The main part of this book consists of a calendar, with space reserved where the names of departed monks and benefactors could be added.

The first folios contain historical notes covering the years 1130–1228 (the so-called Næstved Annals). The book contains several full-page illuminations, including a Crucifixion scene. Here, the Blessed are shown in the Bosom of Abraham. On folio 5 verso, a group of monks are shown receiving a blessing from an abbot as they leave, while on folio 6 recto, the group is being welcomed – presumably a depiction of monks from a mother house arriving at the newly established St. Peder’s Kloster.

Parchment, 44 ff.; 25.9 × 18.5 cm * Næstved 1228–1250.