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تصوير صور الكواكب

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  • Title: تصوير صور الكواكب
  • Transcribed title: Taṣwīr ṣuwar al-kawākib
  • Author: ابو الحسين الصوفى Abū al-Ḥusayn 'Abd al-Raḥmān ibn 'Umar al-Ṣūfī
    Scribe: محمد المغربي
    Patron: Hasan Efendi Pasha
  • Note:Book on astronomy
  • Resource type: text (manuscript)
  • Medium:Paper
    Extent:128 fols.
    Size:30 x 22.2 x 2.5 cm
  • Languages:ar
  • Script:Nashi script
  • Script (detailed):Chapter headings in red
  • Place of origin:[Cairo]
    Country of origin:eg
    Date created:1602-05-27 (3 Dhu al-Hijjah 1010 H)
  • Topic: Astronomy
  • Shelf mark:Cod. Arab. 83
  • Collection: The Oriental Collection
  • Selected references: Described in detail in: Catalogue of Oriental Manuscripts in Danish Collections, vol. 5,3 [pp. 290-294]
  • Comment: Illuminations on 75 pages: stars pictured by drawings in colour.
  • Bought either by Carsten Niebuhr (d. 1815) or Peter Forsskål (d. 1763) who were members of the Carsten Niebuhr expedition 1761-1767.

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