Digitization Service

For printing and web use


We digitize different kinds of material:

-Take pictures up until size A0
-Scan negatives and transparencies
-Scan text from books and sheets with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
-Scan single and double paged documents
-Scan fragile books, manuscripts and documents
-Protect and handle fragile books with special cradles
-Digital photography
-Microfilm digitization

Photography Print
We print photographs from size A5 until A1 and even bigger.
We photograph pictures and print pictures from our archives.
The pictures are printed on photographic paper.

For print pictures are provided digital. The scans will be delivered in A4, 300 DPI, RGB TIF format, Adobe 1998 RGB profile, when nothing else is indicated.

For use on the internet the Photographic Studio delivers files as raw scans in approximately 1200*900-72 DPI, RGB TIF format, S-RGB colour profile. The digital files can be delivered either on a DVD, CD, per e-mail or through the FTP server.

Poster print/Inkjet
Photographic Studio can produce big size prints on different material from digital files. The digital files should be delivered in JPG, TIF, postscript or PDF format. The files should be RGB and have the colour profile Adobe RGB 1998 embedded.

We produce OCR on digitized material and deliver it in different file formats among others searchable PDF files. We can deliver the files as close to the original as possible, as a web friendly PDF that can be read on all devices or a PDF optimized for print.