e-print archive for Nordic arts and humanities

Author: Bertil Dorch

The hprints project wishes to provide a policy and a technical infrastructure that permits Open Access to research within the arts and humanities. We believe that this will result in a number of advantages with respect to the electronic accessibility and visibility of the arts and humanities research area.

Once aired the archive website will be replace these webpages.

The initial aim is to make Nordic research available through an Open Access online electronic full text archive. The archive will primarily contain research e-prints in the form of preprints, reprints, working papers, book chapters, conference reports, invited lecture manuscripts etc. The archive will be setup, maintained and promoted by Copenhagen University Library and consortium members. Submissions of electronic text material to the archive will be decentral and take place at the local individual researcher, or research group level.

Nordbib has graciously granted the project 287,000 DKK (May 2007), as part of its financing programme (Work Package 2: Focus area on Content and Accessibility). The plan is to launch an archive one year from this date i.e. approximately June 2008.

Project deliverables

The following goals will be attained by the proposed project:

  • Proof of concept of an Open Access arts and humanities e-print archive for Nordic research
  • An operational technical infrastructure facilitating Open Access to Nordic arts and humanities
  • A policy for an Open Access research e-print archive
  • A Nordic knowledge network for Open Access e-print archives