Food and drink at the Royal Library

Where can you eat, drink or smoke at Royal Library?

Faculty Library for Humanities - Njalsgade
Food and drink can be purchased and eaten in the cafeterias at the
University of Copenhagen, Amager Campus, both at Njalsgade 80 and at the new University of Copenhagen,
Amager Campus. Neither consumption of food and beverages nor smoking is permitted in the Royal Library Amager.
Only dry snacks, fruit and beverages with lids are permitted. Smoking is not permitted at the library or the university.

Faculty Library for Social Sciences - Gothersgade
In the basement of the Faculty Library you will find a lounge area with coffee machines and a
outdoor courtyard. Food, snacks and beverages, a kitchen sink and hot water ("cooker") are available.

Faculty Library for Natural and Health Sciences - Nørre Allé
The café's opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00-15.00 (Friday 14.45).
Hot meals: 11.30-13.30. The vending machines are open during the library's opening hours.
See 'About the library' for a link to the menu for each week.
Smoking is not permitted.

The Royal Library / CUL The Black Diamond
Packed lunches at the tables on the c-level towards the garden in the old building.
A beverage automat is found near the tables.

All registered users have access to the Royal Library's staff cafeteria from 10-11 and 13-16.
In Reading Room East and Reading Room North only dry snacks, fruit and beverages with lids are permitted.

In the café, Øieblikket, on the ground floor, the menu includes beverages and light meals. (Hours: Mon-Sat 9-19).
The restaurant, søren k, is on the ground floor. (Hours: Mon-Sat 12-24).
Smoking is not permitted.