Digitization Service

The royal library digitizes different kinds of material up until the size A0. We do that both in big and small amounts. The material could be:
-Member’s magazines
-Photo albums
-Paper pictures
-Loose sheets
-Index cards
-Various cards and drawings
-Negatives and diapositives

The digitization process happens by scanning or by taking pictures depending on the condition of the material.

Besides the digitization we also offer :
-OCR interpretation, turning the scans into searchable PDF files
-XML mark up
-Metadata entry
-Transcribing (smaller projects)

Our Photographic Studio offers:
-Digitization of material for print (large files)
-Poster print on various materials
-Photography and print on photography paper/ poster paper
-Sale of pictures from our own collections:


The digital files can be delivered on DVD, per e-mail, through Dropbox, webtransfer or FTP server.

For more information, estimations and prices contact:

Anne-Marie Schiøttz
e-mail: amsc@kb.dk