A New Mermaid makes a Splash at the Black Diamond

May 5, 2009

The Royal Library has placed a bronze copy of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's sculpture Mermaid on the harbour front.  The Mermaid was sculpted in 1921, and has been in the collection of the State Museum of Art ever since. Now she has been given a site by the water on a location known for centuries as the Mermaid Grounds.

The bronze copy was donated to the Royal Library by Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Fund.  The library counts among its treasures all Carl Nielsen's musical scores and letters - including the almost 500 preserved letters from his wife Anne Marie.

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863-1945) was one of the great Danish sculptors of her time, and one of her best known works is the equestrian statue of Christian IX on Christiansborg Castle's Riding Ground.  In 1891 she married the composer Carl Nielsen.