About The Museum of Danish Cartoon Art

The Museum of Danish Cartoon Art was established in 1995 andmoved to its current location in the Royal Library in 1998 where it became a part of the library’s museological functions.

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II officially opened the museum in September 2000.

The museum’s purpose and goal is to collect and preserve original cartoon art:

Cartoons reproduced and published in printed media such as Danish newspapers, journals  and other published material as well as press cartoons from modern electronic news media.

So far the museum has collected more than 150.000 original cartoons that widely represent the history of Danish cartoon art, and 45.000 of them will be available online.

More than 200 cartoonists are represented in the collection today, and it continues to grow.

One of the tasks for the future will be to make sure that all Danish cartoonists are represented in the collection. All of them have throughout the years produced journalistic cartoons for the public news media in a professional and continuous manner.

Samlingens originaltegninger er en dokumentation af den enkelte kunstners gemyt og artistiske evner og samtidig et levende billede af samtidens liv og leben. Et historisk tidsbillede iagttaget og fastholdt igennem et kunstnerisk sind. 

The collection's original drawings express each cartoonist’s personal temper and artistic abilities. At the same time they paint a vivid picture of the life of that time. A historical picture of the period observed and maintained through an artistic state of mind.