Jakob Bro/ Andrew Cyrille/ Mark Turner

/Anders Mathiasen, Adi Zukanovic and Mads Emil Nielsen

Friday 14 July 2017 at 20:00 Dronningesalen
Standard 240 kr.
Diamantklub 190 kr.
Studerende 130 kr.




The much-fêted and internationally recognised Danish guitarist Jakob Bro concludes this year's Jazz Festival at The Diamond in a Danish-American jazz synthesis made up of Andrew Cyrille, Mark Turner, Anders Mathiasen, Adi Zukanovic and Mads Emil Nielsen.

The Danish guitarist Jakob Bro, much praised by the critics, has the group play his own music in the Queen's Hall on the final day of the Jazz Festival at The Diamond. Jakob Bro's extraordinary talent has been obvious to every jazz-lover in Denmark for many years, and alongside his rise in popularity here, attention has also been steadily increasing abroad. Recognition has also led to six Danish Music Awards, the Carl Prize for Jazz Composer of the Year, and the DJBFA Award of Merit.

This evening's New York/Denmark constellation of musician reflects in more than one sense that the Copenhagen Jazz Festival functions as a melting-pot for the big and small players, genres and art forms of the jazz world. On stage are a host of prominent musicians and interpreters of everything from modern and post-bop jazz to singer-songwriter and electronics.

From New York: the legendary drummer Andrew Cyrille, who has refined and renewed the rhythmical syntax of jazz for decades, and tenor-sax player Mark Turner, who is internationally recognised for his post-bop style, his powers of improvisation and his innovative approach to compositions.

And from the Danish jazz scene: Anders Mathiasen, who in particular with his acoustic guitar has broken new ground within the songwriter tradition and shifted the boundaries within so-called sound landscapes, as well as the Danish-Bosian multitalent Adi Zukanovic on keyboard, who is making a name for himself as pianist, arranger and improviser. And finally, the electronics musician, composer and drummer Mads Emil Nielsen will be accompanying the entire ensemble on lap-top.

Line up:
Andrew Cyrille, drums
Mark Turner, saxophone
Anders Mathiasen, acoustic guitar
Adi Zukanovic, keyboards
Mads Emil Nielsen, lap-top
Jakob Bro, guitar and composition