DR VokalEnsemblet: Songs from an island

Saturday 29 April 2017 at 17:00 The Queens Hall
DR VokalEnsemblet


Standard 250 kr.
Diamondclub 190 kr.
Student 135 kr.



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DR VokalEnsemblet: Songs from an island

DR VokalEnsemblet is accompanied by musicians from DR SymfoniOrkestret when, together with Marcus Creed, they present four important works by three major modern composers. With two strong Henza works as a framework, we meet Nono’s musical tribute to silence and Ligeti’s virtuoso and varied choral fantasies.

The German composer Hans Werner Henze’s Lieder von einer Inset (Songs from an island) have been composed to texts by the composer’s long-standing friend, partner and political mentor Ingeborg Bachmann. She confirmed Henze’s pacifist, left-wing views – views that also find powerful expression in the work Orpheus behind the wire, where the musician from the antique myth of Orpheus is transplanted to the Holocaust of the concentration camps.

Between these two works we can experience the Italian composer Luigi Nono’s Sarà dolce tacere, which derives from the idea that silence – sometimes – is the loveliest reaction to beauty and joy.

György Ligeti’s three fantasies are to texts by the German Romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin, poems written when the writer was mentally unstable and often incoherent. With its lightning shifts of mood, the music is shocking, furious and full of tenderness and pathos. Ligeti himself described his work as ‘profoundly emotional, onomatopoeic and overwrought’. The three fantasies call for the greatest level of virtuosity from the singers and are regarded as a masterpiece of modern choral music. 

Marcus Creed

DR VokalEnsemblet with musicians from DR SymfoniOrkestret