The Royal Library meeting and conference facilities

The Black Diamond offers modern meeting and conference facilities at Slotsholmen located near the Copenhagen Canal. As a meeting and conference guest you will arrive at an unconventional conference venue - a modern version of a library in breathtaking surroundings with room for immersion and pleasure.

The Black Diamond is in addition to being a workplace for many young students also a cultural center with a café and a restaurant and a rich selection of cultural events - MUSIC, WORDS and EXHIBITIONS. As the meeting planner you have the opportunity to inspire and motivate your participants by taking advantage of these offers.

The area, Slotsholmen, is characterized by a number of prominent and important buildings, among these Christiansborg where The Danish Parliament is located and the old Exhange Building, Børsen. The beautiful addition to the Royal Danish Library, The Black Diamond opened in 1999, has become a natural part of these iconic landmarks in the historic part of Copenhagen.

The exterior of the building mirrors the surroundings and stands out in the cityscape as a shrine - a treasure chest containing the Danish heritage.