Capacity up to 600 participants

The Queens Hall is designed as a multi-purpose hall with 408 fixed seats, but can be extended to 600 seats. The reveberation time can be varied with the adjustable recordings discs mounted on the walls, making The Queens Hall optimal for both lectures, conferences, concerts and film screenings. The acoustics provide a great sound wherever you are sitting.

The Queens Hall is decorated with movie theater seats, and the sloping floor enhance a good view from all the seats.

The Queens Hall is richly equipped with technical equipment that can orchestrate your event in the most beautiful way. The Hall has its own experienced and professional technicians and they will be at your service throughout the rental period to ensure your event is safe and professional executed. When hiring The Queens Hall you will have provided access to the Atrium during the entire rental period.

The Queens Hall prices and an overview of what is included in the hire right here

Catering has to be ordered directly through restaurant søren k. They can be reached at +45 2893 9010 og

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A view inside

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