Timothy Snyder (US)

International Authors' Stage in The Black Diamond

Thursday 10 November 2016 at 20:00 Blixen
Flemming Rose and Timothy Snyder.
Flemming Rose and Timothy Snyder.


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Yale professor and historian Timothy Snyder is visiting the International Authors’ Stage for a discussion of his most recent work Black Earth, which looks closely at one of the greatest tragedies in modern history, the Holocaust, and forces a new approach with a new and radical theory about Hitler.

The historian Timothy Snyder has authored a number of award-winning books, including Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin, which was named book of the year by several newspapers and magazines in 2010. The book has been translated into more than 25 languages.

At The Black Diamond, Timothy Snyder will talk about his latest publication – Black Earth – which like its predecessors has garnered considerable praise and controversy worldwide. The Economist wrote about Black Earth: "... an impressive reassessment of the Holocaust. "Black Earth" will prove uncomfortable reading for many who hew to cherished but mythical elements of Holocaust history (...) challenges readers to reassess what they think they know and believe:. "

Snyder is well known for using his considerable knowledge and insight to take a fresh look at familiar themes. He does this too in Black Earth, where the Holocaust is used as a starting point for interpreting the dangers the world faces today. The author writes: "Hitler’s world view did not of itself lead to the Holocaust, but its hidden messages produced new forms of destructive policies and new knowledge about the human ability to commit mass murder. The combination of ideology and coincidental circumstances just like those in 1941 will not occur again, but perhaps something similar. […] The Holocaust is not just history, it is also a warning. ”

Timothy Snyder talks with Flemming Rose, journalist, author, debater and former culture editor of the newspaper Jyllands-Posten who has received several prestigious awards for his journalistic work, including the Danish Free Press Society’s Sappho Award, the National Press Club of Denmark’s Den Store Publicistpris and Fritt Ord’s Freedom of Expression Tribute. In the past ten years, Flemming Rose has made a name for himself in the debate about freedom of expression.

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