Jan-Werner Müller (DE)

International Authors' Stage

Thursday 13 October 2016 at 20:00 The Queen's Hall
Jan-Werner Müller is joined by Rune Lykkeberg.
Jan-Werner Müller is joined by Rune Lykkeberg.


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Meet one of the world's leading experts in populism Jan-Werner Müller in conversation with chief editor at Information, Rune Lykkeberg.

Donald Trump in USA, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Marine Le Pen in France and Viktor Orbán in Hungary have in common that they are referred to as populist politicians.

There are great similarities, but also differences between them. What is populism? One of the greatest present-day experts in the area is the German historian of ideas Jan-Werner Müller, who has just published the book Was ist Populismus?

Jan-Werner Müller, who has studied the underlying historical basis for populism for many years, takes in his new book present-day global developments as his point of departure and attempts to portray the relationship between populism and democracy.

In a review in Politiken of the German publication, Rune Lykkeberg wrote, among other things: ‘The idea of the book is both to explain the all-pervading political phenomenon and to develop an effective critique of it. A good thing about Müller’s book is that he collects together populist tendencies throughout the world in his study. His book is brief, but based on comprehensive investigations. [...] Müller’s book is exemplary: It shows how clear-thinking researchers can collect studies, investigations and reflections in a book that turns into a direct reply to our present conversations. It raises the bar for conversation and provides us with arguments against our own stupidity and blindness.’

Jan-Werner Müller is on stage in The Queen’s Hall in conversation with the chief editor at Information, Rune Lykkeberg. The conversation is in English.

Organised in collaboration with the daily newspaper Information, Informations Forlag and Goethe-Institut Dänemark.