Manizha Bakhtari and Wasima Badghisy (AF)

International Authors' Stage

Thursday 21 May 2015 at 20:00 Dronningesalen

What are the female Afghanistan writers of today writing about?

In connection with the publishing of an anthology from Danish PEN, with ten leading female Danish writers meeting ten Afghanistan colleagues, Manizha Bakhtari and Wasima Badghisy will tell about their literature, it’s background and conditions.

Manizha Bakhtari was born in Kabul and qualified as a journalist. Now she functions as the ambassador of Afghanistan in Norway. As a writer she has published, among other things, the collection of short stories Three Angels.
Wasima Badghisy was born in Badghis and qualified as a lawyer.

The two Afghanistan writers will be in conversation (in English) with Danish writers Klaus Rothstein and Kristina Stoltz. In 2011 the latter published the critically acclaimed novel Æsel (Donkey) about two Afghanistan boys and their escape to Denmark. Rothstein just published Soldatens År (Year of the Soldier) about the present day Danish literature, which has its source in the Danish participation in the war in Afghanistan.

The conversation will be in English. 

Standard 110 kr.
Students 60 kr.



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After the event, we will serve a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine.

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