Border-crossing Words

International Authors' Stage - Palestine Edition

Monday 28 October 2013 at 20:00 Dronningesalen

Palestine is a place, a feeling and an identity. At this event four leading Palestinian authors meet with Danish authors in a discussion about international author-identity.

There are Palestinian authors around the world, who do not have anything in common, besides their mutual identification as Palestinian. However their backgrounds create a growth within literature, and maybe a quote from a famous Dane, Poul Henningsen, can explain why: “Nobody is captive if the mind is free.”

The authors on stage in The Royal Library this evening currently live in cities as different as New York, Berlin, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Besides being Palestinian, they have an open-mindedness, curiosity and cosmopolitan approach to life and literature in common.

Nathalie Handal was brought up on four different continents. She is a poet, playwright and has published a number of books – most recently the bestseller Poet in Andalucía. Handal has studied literature in London, Russia, France and Spain and today she gives lectures at various universities around the world. At the moment Handal is a professor at Columbia University in New York. She is also the writer of the popular blog, The City and the Writer.

Najwan Darwish is considered to be one of the greatest Arabic poets of his generation. His poems are unsentimental, often witty and with a sharp sense of the absurd and unreasonable aspects of life. He works with different artistic forms; theatre, movies journalism and publishing. Among other tasks, he is the literary consultant of Palfest, the annual Palestinian literary festival.

Kamal Boullata is a painter and writer born in Jerusalem. The relationship between images and words is a recurring theme in his works, for example he has incorporated calligraphic elements in his artworks. Besides his work as an artist, Boullatta has made research and written about Palestinian identity and art.

Yahya Hassan, born 1995, has a Palestinian background and was brought up in Århus V. The 17th of October he published his first collection of poems, Yahya Hassan. The poems are autobiographical, and attracted a lot of public attention. Even before the poem collection was published Yahya Hassan became famous for his indignant and very direct critique of his parents’ generation.

Jane Teller has worked for both UN and EU with humanitarian and peacemaking tasks in Africa and other countries. Today she works full time as an author. Her works have been published in 22 languages and she is currently living in New York.

Hanne-Vibeke Holst was born in Hjørring and grew up in North Jutland. She has lived in Brussels and Moscow and has travelled all over the world both as a journalist and as Goodwill Ambassador for UN. In November she publishes a novel, Knud the Great, about her father, the author Knud Holst.

Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen, born at Frederiksberg, was first published in 1998. The turning-point of her career was the publication of the novel Hildegaard about the historical figure Hildegaard of Bingen in 2009.

Martin Glaz Serup was born in Copenhagen. He writes poetry and children’s books. He also works as a literary critic and teacher of writing courses. Travelling is a frequent theme in his poems and they often include autobiographical elements.   

Moderator: Lone Kühlmann (PEN).

Produced in cooperation with PEN and The Danish House in Palestine.

Standard  110 kr.
Students 60 kr.
Diamondclub 70 kr.

 The event is in English

After the event we will offer a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate.

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