Fay Weldon


Friday 12 November 2010 at 17:00 The Queen's Hall

International Authors Stage 

Please notice: 5 pm

The audience can meet another major female literary icon when Fay Weldon pays the Diamond a visit

The event is made in cooperation with Bogforum and is a unique opportunity to experiences a longer and deeper conversation than the book fair usually offers.

In conversation with Danish author and journalist Maise Njor the great feminist will go in depth with themes from their newly published book Livet for let øvede, in which Weldon takes an honest look back on three marriages, the upbringing of four sons and the larger history of feminism.


Standard  DKK 110
Student DKK 60
Diamond Club DKK 70

There are no available tickets at the moment. Please try again after November 5th as a number of reserved tickets will be released on this date!

The even takes place in English. Duration aprox. 1½ hours


Lindhardt og Ringhof


The conversation will be recorded by DR TV

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