Salman Rushdie


Thursday 14 May 2009 at 20:00 Dronningesalen
Photo: Marianne Grøndahl
Photo: Marianne Grøndahl

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International Authors’ Stage

Salman Rushdie has written a series of big novels and received a number of the prizes awarded by the English-speaking literary world, but more specifically he is known throughout the world as the man who wrote The Satanic Verses.

Now people will soon be able to meet Salman Rushdie on the International Authors’ Stage at the Black Diamond, where he will be speaking about his authorship on the back of his new novel The Enchantress of Florence. This is a novel that establishes Rushdie not only as a champion fighting for freedom of speech, and politically controversial, but a storyteller of altogether exceptional calibre. The tale is about a woman who tries to take control of her fate in a society ruled by men. A Tale from 1001 Nights, in which Rushdie once again demonstrates the power and magic of the narrated story.

Salman Rushdie was born in 1947 in India but now lives in England. He made his definite breakthrough with the novel Midnight’s Children, which was awarded the Booker Prize in 1981. 12 years later it was acclaimed Best of Booker to mark the 25th anniversary of the prize in 1993.

In 1994 Salman Rushdie set up the International Parliament of Writers (IPW), an international network of sanctuaries for persecuted writers, which later became an international network of free cities under ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network).

The latest to appear in Danish is Shalimar the Clown (2005).

INTERVIEW: Carsten Jensen 

Experience Salman Rushdie in conversation with author Carsten Jensen on the novel The Enchantress of Florence and the path to its making.

(photo: Isak Hoffmeyer)

READING: Maibritt Saerens

Actress Maibritt Saerens will read from The Enchantress of Florence  

(photo: Miklos Szabo)


The conversation will be recorded by DR TV