Julia Franck - she is a star in Berlin

Tuesday 23 September 2008 at 20:00
Photo: Jürgen Bauer


The International Authors' stage

Julia Franck has soared to the top of the bestseller lists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and her second novel Lady Midday (Die Mittagsfrau) won last year’s Deutscher Buchpreis – the prize awarded for best novel of the year in German.

“The book is persuasive in its vivid use of language, narrative power and psychological intensity. A novel for long conversation”, observed the jury, who with a great majority voted in favour of Lady Midday, which Julia Franck will be talking about in The Diamond on 23rd September.

The novel sums up German history of the 20th century in one single woman’s destiny: Helene’s father returns from the First World War a dying wreck, and her Jewish mother escapes into lunacy. During the Second World War Helene herself makes a shocking decision. She leaves her seven-year old son at a railway station and never returns.

Frank facts

Julia Franck was born in the former DDR (German Democratic Republic) and published her first novel The New Cook to great acclaim in 1997. Later three more books followed, the novel Camp Fire being published in Danish in 2004. Lady Midday is to be published in Danish in September by the publishers Athene.

Listen to Julia Franck, one of Europe’s exciting new author voices, talking to Marc-Christopher Wagner who lives in Copenhagen, where he works as a journalist for German radio and television. Like Julia Franck, Wagner was born in 1970, however on the other side of the wall, in the former West Berlin.


Marc-Christoph Wagner


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