Laurie Anderson (US) and Sjón (IS)

A part of Arctic Imagination

Wednesday 30 August 2017 at 20:00 Queen's Hall
Laurie Anderson in conversation with Sjón
Laurie Anderson in conversation with Sjón



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The unstoppably creative multidiciplinary artist, Laurie Anderson partakes in Arctic Imagination. She does so by way of conversation with the Icelandic novelist Sjón, the lyricist behind Pro Forma’s visual music performance, NeoArctic from last year.

Laurie Anderson has invented the highly unusual tape-bow violin, as an avant-garde artist she has achieved fame with the pop hit O Superman, and for the film essay Heart of a Dog she has been nominated for a Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film International Festival. These are but three examples although you equally well could have listed thirty. Or Three hundred. 

This is one of multiple events in Denmark under the heading Arctic Imagination: an artistic brainstorm about the melting ice and the increasing temperatures across the Atlantic Ocean.

In only 100 years, the Arctic and the North Pole have been transformed from highly dangerous and mysterious peripheral areas into regions that need our protection and sense of responsibility. In 2017, five major libraries in New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Nuuk are combining in Arctic Imagination in a unique collaboration across the Atlantic, in which a number of high-profile artistic and creative voices will contribute to a global brainstorming within this area.

Read more about ARCTIC IMAGINATION here.


Throughout her career, Anderson has engaged in political issues – not least the melting ice and the global warming. She participated in an expedition to the Arctic in 2008 as part of the Cape Farewell Disco Bay Project. And she is known for her critical approach to established authorities and experts; something she was expressive of in the single, “Only an Expert” from 2010 in which she addressed the global warming quarrels. She has continuously performed with politically oriented multimedia shows such as ‘United States’ (1983), ‘Nerve Bible’ (1995) and ‘Songs and Stories from Moby Dick’ (1999).

The award-winning Icelandic novelist, poet, playwright Sjón will interchange ideas with Anderson in the arctic brainstorm. Sjón wrote the lyrics texts for last year’s visual music performance NeoArctic by Hotel Pro Forma.

Stay abreast as one of the biggest Nordic poetic voices engages in a dialogue with the multimedia phenomenon, Laurie Anderon as part of Arctic Imagination – in the hottest month of the year. 

Supported by Agency for Culture and Palaces, Danish Art Foundation, AP Møller Foundation, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Embassy in Copenhagen and Libery.