Lelo Nika Septet

Copenhagen Jazz festival 2018

Thursday 12 July 2018 at 20:00 The Queen's Hall


Standard 240 kr.
Diamond Club 190 kr.
Student 150 kr.


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Strings, accordion and cimbalom
The unique musical combination of the Lelo Nika Septet reflects the story of the members’ deep friendships that cut across various musical traditions, cultures and styles.

Jazz, folk music and world music blend in a perfect symbiosis when the Austrian Koehne Quartet teams up with Lelo Nika’s own trio, which consists of accordion, cimbalom and bass. Together they make up the Lelo Nika Septet.Lelo Nika has his roots in Serbia and after many years in Denmark has settled in Malmö, Sweden. As a musician he has been inspired by his cultural background in the form of Balkan music, but over many years he has also further developed this in combination with jazz and world music. As a composer, he sees it as an important mission to preserve the musical traditions of which he is a part, but also to compose new music that transcends them

When Lelo Nika meets up with his impressive team of musicians, it is a shared intuition and an understanding of the power of music that determines where the music goes.

Lelo Nika Septet consists of:
Lelo Nika, accordion
George Mihalache, cimbalom
Thommy Andersson, bass

The Koehne Quartet:
Joanna Lewis, violin 
Anne Harvey-Nagl, violin
Lena Fankhauser, viola
Melissa Coleman, cello