Less Favored - More Favored

Illustration from a 14th-century Norwegian manuscript containing the general law, promulgated in 1274 by king Magnus Håkonsson Law Mender (1238–1280). The illustration is found in the section dealing with betrothals (The Royal Library, Gl. Kgl. Saml. 1154 2o, fol.24r.).

Proceedings from a Conference on Gender in European Legal History,  12th - 19th Centuries, September 2004.

Benachteiligt - begünstigt

Tagungsbericht einer Konferenz über Geschlecht in der Europäischen Rechtsgeschichte, 12. - 19. Jahrhundert, September 2004.

Edited by/herausgegeben von: Grethe Jacobsen, Helle Vogt, Inger Dübeck, Heide Wunder.
Copenhagen, The Royal Library, 2005.


1. Preface

2. Merry Wiesner-Hanks: European Gender Structures in a Global Perspective

Negotiating Marriage: Before, During, After

3. Hanne Marie Johansen: Negotiating Marriage: Before, During, After

4A. Gertrude Langer-Ostrawsky & Margareth Lanzinger: More Favored - Less Favored? Women and Men in Different Marital Property Right Systems: A Comparative Study of Marital Property Rights in the Habsburg Empire During the 18th Century

4B. Gertrude Langer-Ostrawsky & Margareth Lanzinger: Begünstigt - benachteiligt? Frauen und Männer im Ehegüterrecht. Ein Vergleich auf der Grundlage von Heiratskontrakten aus zwei Herrschaften der Habsburgermonarchie im 18. Jahrhundert

5. Nicole Grochowina: Less Favored - More Favored: Women's Approaches to Property After Remarriage During the Second Half of the 18th Century

6. Birgit Stalder: "Der Ehehimmel begann schon früh sich zu trüben": Interdenominational Comparison of Divorce Proceedings

'Senatus Consultum Velleianum' and Similar 'Protective' Measures

7. Hendrikje Carius: Strategien vor Gericht? Die "velleianschen Freyheiten" im sächsischen Recht (1648-1806)

8. Ellinor Forster: The Construction of "Male Capability" and "Female Inability" to Assume Guardianship of Children in the Austrian "Allgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch" (ABGB) in the 19th Century

9. Aglaia E. Kasdagli: Dowry and Inheritage, Gender and Empowerment in the 'Notarial Societies' of the Early Modern Greek World

Incest Prohibitions

10. Michael H. Gelting: The Canonical Incest Prohibitions: Purity and Peace

11A. Sylvia Schraut: "Doch das bei weitem schwierigste Ehehindernis ist das der Verwandtschaft": Forbidden Marriage Between Incest Taboo and the Fortune of the Noble Family in 17th-18th-Century Germany

11B. Sylvia Schraut: "Doch das bei weitem schwierigste Ehehindernis ist das der Verwandtschaft": Verbotene Ehe zwischen Inzest Tabu und dem Gedeihen der Adelsfamilie (Deutsches Reich 17./18. Jh.)

Guardianship of Children: Female Guardians and Male Guardians other than Fathers

12. Ann Ighe: Replacing the Father - Representing the Child. A Few Notes on the European History of Guardianship

13. Jurgita Kunsmanaite: The legal Status of Female Guardians in 1530s Lithuania

14. Mia Korpiola: Marrying off Sons and Daughters: Attitudes Towards the Consent of Parents and Guardians in Early Modern Sweden

15. Anna Bellavitis: "Et vedoando sia donna et madonna": Guardianship and Remarriage in Sixteenth-Century Venice


16A. Grethe Jacobsen: Less Favored - More Favored: Queenship and the Special Case of Margrete of Denmark, 1353-1412

16B. Grethe Jacobsen: Benachteiligt - begunstigt: Königintum und Margarete von Dänemark, 1353-1412

17. Astrid von Schlachta: To Rule and to Prepare: Claudia de' Medici and Her European "Fellow Widows"

18. Pernille Arenfeldt: The Female Consort as Intercessor in Sixteenth-Century Saxony

19A. Eva-Maria Butz: Empress Agnes of Poitou (1043-1077): Reflections on the Legal Basis of Her Regency

19B. Eva-Maria Butz: Kaiserin Agnes von Poitou (1043-1077): Überlegungen zu den rechtlichen Grundlagen ihrer Regentschaft

Gendered Personhood

20. Agnes S. Arnórsdóttir: Changing Gender Relation in Medieval and Early Modern Iceland: The Role of Canon Law According to Court Case Narratives

21. Anu Pylkkänen: Construction of Gendered Legal Personhood in the History of Finnish Law



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